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Grand Sablon Square, Brussels: Belgian Chocolates

With so many artisanal chocolate makers, Brussels can seem like one big bulging chocolate box. But if you don’t have time to scour all the city’s sweet shops, head to the venerable Grand Sablon Square for a taste of Brussels’s two contrasting approaches to the cocoa bean. Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini’s hand-dipped chocolates, plucked from glass cases by clerks wearing clinical white gloves, come infused with unexpected, pupil-dilating flavors (yuzu, a Japanese citrus; tonka bean; Moroccan pink pepper berries; bergamot; mango). Wittamer,on the other hand, is all old-school elegance, its display cases filled with classic pralines and green pistachio bonbons. If you have room for only one taste, though, make it the heart-shaped raspberry chocolate that could pass for Brussels’s own abiding valentine. —Raphael Kadushin

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